Playing college athletics is a huge commitment, but can be extremely rewarding. You train, you compete, you learn teamwork. All valuable tools in the lessons of life, and called upon time after time long after your college years are in the rear view mirror. When required to advocate for oneself, overcome a fear, navigate the waters of marriage and motherhood, time manage a family and participate in compromise, ask for a raise... the skills acquired as a college athlete apply to all of the above. The confidence gained just needs to bubble back to the surface, and those lessons applied to whatever obstacles are currently in your path.

Young women who want to play college sports will learn the critical skill of teamwork. They will learn to manage every minute of their day, combining education with sport and a bit of the social life as well. The highs will be extremely high, and the lows will feel like blows. The highs teach gratitude and the thrill of success, hard work paying off. The lows teach resilience and a desire to get back on your feet. Work harder, and feed the competitive spirit in all of us. It's human nature.

I, for one, rely daily on the lessons learned playing at one of the best schools in the country at an All-American level.

Sport is an invaluable teaching tool, applicable in all the layers and levels of life. Although excelling in the educational aspects of college is very important, chances are that you'll rely on your sport experience more often than you'll be quoting Shakespeare, applying advanced calculus formulas, or dissecting a frog. The camaraderie of the team experience always has your back, as together you strive for the common goal.

Cheers to the life lessons learned through sport.

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